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Gold Coins

Gold Coins

I usually have a variety of the more popular gold coins available, e.g. Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns, Guineas, Krugerrand, US $20/$10/$5,  etc.


GOLD as an Investment.

I am often asked about investing in Gold, particularly in the current economic climate. I AM NOT a financial adviser so all I will say is that the usual suggestion is to hold about 5-10% of your investment portfolio in gold, depending on your attitude to risk. You should also ask yourself are you investing or speculating although the general thought is that you hold previous metals as insurance. There are plenty of investment and financial advisory sites on the web giving detailed analysis both for and against, I suggest you research a few of them and draw your own conclusions based on your own specific set of circumstances.

For the more sophisticated investor, the easiest way is to buy Gold ETF's or shares in mining companies or the more adventurous can go for options or futures. The smaller investor can buy "eGold" in quantities from 1gram upwards, this is held in secure insured vaults usually in the UK, Switzerland or US and have regular audit reports. The main providers are www.goldmoney.com and www.goldbullion.com

However, many people prefer to hold a physical piece of metal in their possession, which would also be my personal preference.

If you are interested in investing in gold, I have excellent contacts with some international bullion dealers and can source larger quantities of coins for those interested, the prices are very competitive (minimum order value €2,000+, payable in full in advance), depending on the quantity required and the market there may be a delay of a few days to fulfill the order but the price is fixed when the order is confirmed.


The most popular coins for bullion investment purposes are the 1 oz coins, primarily because they attract the lowest premium above the bullion value.


One Ounce Gold Coins
South African


Canadian Maple leaf
Austrian Philharmonia's
Australian Kangaroos or Nuggets
US $20 Eagles

Brittianias &

Modern £5


Other popular coins which are older (generally from 1880's to 1930's) and have a slightly larger premium for their numismatic (coin collecting) interest are:


Older Coins with Numismatic interest.


Half Sovereigns

France 20 Franc
Germany 20 Marks

$20 Liberty or

$20 St Gaudens


Another, slightly more esoteric option is some of the various world gold coin sets, which can often be purchased at slightly lower premiums than even the 1oz. coins, but are less well known, many of these have very attractive designs, so they do provide a more aesthetically pleasing selection, although they are bulkier because of their presentation boxes. They generally have certificates detailing the exact weight and finess of their gold content.

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Gold Frosted Proof Fifty (50) ECU.


Price : 985.00

Gold Frosted Proof Fifty (50) ECU. ..

Featured Items
Pearse Ten Shillings - Box of 10 Rolls Pearse Silver Ten Shillings (Easter 1916) Commemorative 1966, Original Box of 10 Rolls (i.e. 200 Coins) - UNC


Price: 4,650.00

Pearse Ten Shillings Roll Pearse Silver Ten Shillings (Easter 1916) Commemorative 1966, Original Roll - BU


Price: 475.00

Gold Frosted Proof Fifty (50) ECU.


Price: 985.00