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Coin References - Books, Catalogues, Periodicals.


I will more than happy to add any additional appropriate references that you might like to suggest. Also if you have any articles written or are researching, I can host them and set up a related discussion forum if desired.


A very useful but often disregarded piece of advice for any collector is to first buy the book and then buy the coin, I have always been amazed by the number of collectors who would happily spend a few hundred Euros on a coin or note but begrudge spending thirty Euros or more on appropriate books. In my opinion a good reference library is absolutely essential for the serious collector.


Irish Coin References


Standard Catalogue of the Coins of Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, published by Coincraft.



Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands, (Spink, 2002).

Based on the original Seaby/Spink publication from 1984, this is the standard reference for the coinage.

The prices for high quality and rarer hammered coins are too low, similiarly for choice examples of modern coinage.



Coins and Tokens of Ireland, (Seaby, 1970).

This is the original Seaby book and one of the first "comprehensive"  Price Guides for Irish Coins. The prices are obviously very out of date by now but are still indicative of the relative rarity of items. However the catalogue does also include details of  Tokens, which is quite useful but is somewhat limited. Copies are now difficult to find.



The Guide Book to the Coinage of Ireland from 995 AD to the present day. (Anthony Dowle and Patrick Finn, Spink 1969).

Published just before the 1970 Seaby's book, it takes a different approach and has some varieties and information not in Seaby. As with Seaby the prices are very out of date by now but again they are still indicative of the relative rarity of items.


KM. Krause & Mishler, a series of  World Coin Catalogues, 4 Volumes covering the period from , 1600-todate, used extensively by US and foreign collectors.
R "The Coins of the Danish Kings of Ireland" - Roth, B., BNJ VI, 1909
OS. "The Earliest Irish Coinage" - O'Sullivan, W. ,JRSAI LXXIX, 1949
OS. "The Earliest Anglo-Irish Coinage", O'Sullivan, W., 1964 , also occasional reprints are available.
  "The Hiberno-Norse Coins in the British Museum" - SCBI 8, 1966, Dolley, M.
  "Anglo Irish Coins in the Ulster Museum, Part I, John - Edward III" - SCBI, 1968, Dolley, M. & Seaby, W.
  "The Irish Coinage of Henry III" - BNJ XXXII, 1963, Dykes, D.
   Aquilla Smith


Irish Banknote References

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Irish Banknotes - Irish Government Paper Money From 1928 - Martin Mac Devitt - 1999

A very comprehensive guide to the Banknotes of the Irish Free State and the Republic of Ireland. This book contains all the detailed information that a dedicated collector would want to know. Only 500 copies were printed.


MD Irish Banknotes - Irish Government Paper Money From 1928 - Martin Mac Devitt - 1999

Legal Tender Banknotes - Derek Young - 1972

 The original standard reference for the Legal Tender Banknotes. the pricing is completely out of date and does not reflect the relative rarity of some of notes, especially the earlier issues. The catalog stops at 1972, some updates were published by Derek in 'Irish Numismatics' during subsequent years and this extended to including the details of the next series of notes introduced between 1976 and 1982.


Consolidated Banknotes of Ireland - Derek Young - 1974

Similar to the Legal Tender catalogue above but it deals with the notes issued by the Consolidated Banks more popularly known as the 'Ploughman notes'.





English Coin References

BMC 'English Copper, Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum', by C. W. Peck.
BNJ British Numismatic Journal (103).
BSL 'Coinage in Tenth Century England, from Edward the Elder to Edgar's Reform', by C. E. Blunt et all.
BW BNJ, Vol. 25 (1945-48), 'The Coinages of Edward IV and of Henry VI (restored)', by C E Blunt and C A Whitton.
Davies 'British Silver Coins, since 1816', by P. J. Davies, 1982.
ESC 'English Silver Coinage Since 1649', by A. P. Rayner, Seaby 1992.
 'The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain', by M. J. Freeman, 1970.
Freeman 'The Money and the Mint in the Reign of Edward the Confessor, 1042-1066', Parts 1-2, by A. Freeman, Oxford, 1985.
Gouby 'The Bronze Penny 1860-1970', by M. Gouby, Michael Coins, 1986.
K&L 'Communtion Tokens of the Church of Scotland: Nineteenth and Twenieth Centuries', by R. Kerr and J. R. Locke.
Laker 'The Portrait Groats of Henry VIII', by A. J. Laker.
L&S 'English Proof and Pattern Crown Size Pieces. 1658-1960', by H. W. A. Linecar and A. G. Stone, Spink 1968.
M. 'The Gold Sovereign' and 'The Gold Half Sovereign', by M. Marsh, Cambridge 1999 and 1982.
MCE 'The Milled Coinage of England 1662-1946', Spink 1950.
'English Hammered Coinage', Vols. I and II, by J. J. North, Spink.
'Spink Standard Catalogue', 2006.
Sharp BNJ, Vol. 47 (1977), 'The Tower Shillings of Charles I and their influence on the Aberystwyth Issue', by M. Sharp.


Token References

BW. 'Seventeenth Century Tokens of the British Isles and their Values', by M. Dickinson.
Davies 'British Silver Coins, since 1816', by P. J. Davies, 1982.
D&H 'The Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century', by R. Dalton and S. H. Hamer, updated and reprinted Allan Davisson, 1996.


Medal References


BHM 'British Historical Medals, 1760-1960', Vols. 1-3, by L. Brown.
MI. 'Medallic Illustrations of British History', Vols. 1-2, by E. Hawkins, A. W. Franks and H. A. Greuber, reprinted by Spink, 1969..
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